1833 - 1910

Oil on canvas, signed lower right
Image size: 58 x 33 inches
Hand made gilt frame

François-Émile Ehrmann, born in Strasbourg on September 5, 1833 and died in Paris on March 29, 1910.

Painter, watercolourist, potter. History painting, allegorical subjects, mythological subjects. Designs for tapestries. He left a considerable and very diverse work, ranging from tapestry, to easel painting, through drawing, wall decoration, stained glass, ceramics.

He was first a pupil of Théophile Schuler (1821-1878) then of Charles Gleyre. He made several decorative panels for the Mazarine national library in Paris and tapestry projects.

François Émile Ehrmann entered the École des Beaux-Arts in 1857 to study architecture, but three years later transferred to the painting course run by Charles Gleyre. He began to exhibit as a historical painter at the Salon de Paris in 1863, and continued to send in canvases, large works on mythological subjects, until 1906.

After spending two years in Italy, he returned to Paris in 1865, where he exhibited his painting Sirens of Fish, which won the first medal and bought by the Strasbourg Museum, sadly it was destroyed in a fire.

From then on he devoted himself almost exclusively to historical painting, in which area he was commissioned to depict a frieze depicting Greece, Rome, barbarism and the muses as a ceiling picture for the Palace of the Legion of Honour.

He won various medals from 1865 to 1868, and was appointed a Chevalier of the Légion d ‘Honor in 1879.

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