19th Century
Le Pont de Sully, Paris

Oil on board
Image size: 8 x 10 inches (20 x 25.5 cm)
Contemporary frame


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The current bridge was constructed back in 1876 and named the Pont Sully, or Pont de Sully as it is sometimes known, and was named in honour of Maximilien de Bethune, the Duke of Sully, who was the chief minister for King Henri IV.

There are actually two separate bridges made of cast iron and these bridges in Paris were designed by the engineers Paul Emile Vaudrey and Gustave Brosselin, and the largest arm has three arches, whereas the section over the smaller branch of the River Seine has one central arch of cast iron with two masonry arches.

Yet, both are classified as the Pont Sully, as they do meet up at the tip of the Ile Saint Louis island at the Square Barye, which is dedicated to a French sculptor, yet was once home to an impressive monastery.