18th Century
Supper at Emmaus

Oil on canvas
Image size: 13 x 18 1/2 inches (34 x 47 cm)
Decorated gilt frame

Supper at Emmaus shows a scene from the gospel of Luke 24 where the Resurrected Christ appears to two disciples. He first appears as a traveling man on a journey to the town of Emmaus, not recognised as Christ. It is only at dinner when he breaks bread that the disciples recognise him as Christ. It is not, however, from his appearance that the disciples recognise him. Christ has no beard, and his flowing robes cover any indications of the wounds he suffered during the crucifixion. Instead, he is recognised from a gesture – his raised arm blessing the bread.

The artist has included various touches that add enormously to the scene, one of these being the small spaniel that sits in front of the table, loyally guarding the group. A further detail to note is the impressive depiction of the folds seen in the table cloth, effectively displaying the artist’s ability to recreate fabrics and drapery.