1853 - 1920
Leading the Way

Pencil, watercolour and gouache, signed lower right
Image size: 6 ¼ x 8 ¼ inches (16 x 21 cm)
Hand made gilt frame


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John Edward Goodall

John Edward Goodall was the son of Alfred Goodall and Mary Palmer.  Alfred was a brother to Edward A. and Frederick Goodall, both accomplished artists.  He was most prolific during the period between 1877 and 1911.  In the 1891 census he is shown as being married to Grace, manager of the Sommerville Club, London but by 1901 he is  to be found with a woman named Annie.  John associated with a bohemian art circle and tended to have a corresponding lifestyle.

The work produced by Goodall is well executed and often in watercolour. He trained at art school in London and travelled extensively. He was not the prolific artist like his uncles and a lot about his life is still unknown.

The watercolour “The Chosen Path” is an intriguing picture of a scout showing a chieftain and his warriors a choice of paths. The horses have been well observed by Goodall, looking very elegant and composed. In the background the spears shine out at the ready.

Royal Marines Museum
National Portrait Gallery