Self Portrait

Oil on canvas, signed lower right
Image size: 30 x 22 inches (76 x 56 cm)
Contemporary style hand made frame


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Sheila Holland

Holland was born in Chesterfield in Derbyshire and grew up in Wolverhampton, where she studied art. Holland was a solitary and private person, eventually establishing her studio at Lower Bradford Cottage on Bodmin Moor, Cornwall in 1985.

This is a wonderfully dynamic self portrait by the female artist Shelia Holland. Capturing herself in the process of drawing, or painting, this becomes a distinctive self portrait. Despite this, there is still an interesting juxtaposition as none of the artist’s tools are illustrated, and her canvas is cut out of the pictorial space. Perhaps this choice was made as to not distract from what is clearly the intension with this work – a deep and authentic self-examination by Holland into her physical appearance and her aura.