Self Portrait

Oil on canvas, signed lower left
Image size: 23 x 19 inches (58.5 x 48.5 cm)
Original gilt swept frame


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Joseph Weidner

An artist from Vienna, who was a renowned portrait and genre painter in the early 19th century. Among other works, Weidner drew a portrait of Ludwig van Beethoven for which Beethoven acted as a model for the painter.

Weidner Josef (Joseph), was born in Leopoldstadt, Lower Austria (Vienna), June 5, 1801.  Son of the master tailor Franz W. (1759–1838) from Austria-Schleswig. Weidenau and the housemaid Katharina W., née Fux, from Winn in Bavaria. His brothers were the actor Karl and the sound artist, teacher and educator Ferdinand.

Weidner in 1831 married Anna Katharina, they had a son the pianist Joseph Weidner. He studied from 1815–29 at the Wr. ABK, winning the 1829 Lampi Prize and was often at their exhibition between 1826 and 1847. Also in 1836 at the exhibition of the Berlin Academy. In the autumn of 1839 he stayed in Brunn for a short time, and in 1841 his works were presented in the Salon des gymnast.

Between 1857 and 1868 Weidner participated in the exhibition of the Austrian Kunstver. Hiss work is strongly influenced by Waldmüller and Karl Rahl.  He also worked as a portrait miniaturist.

Weidner died in Vienna, February 13, 1871.