20th Century
Self Portrait

Oil on canvas on board
Image size: 11 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches (28.5 x 21 cm)
Contemporary style frame


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This striking self portrait shows Wade against a red background. In this painting several layers of paint are applied; some layers are thick, whereas others are scraped away or additionally whitened.

His eyes seem focused, but the red patches on her cheeks and raised eyebrows suggest inner agitation perhaps. Yet, overall, his face conveys a sense of proud determination. Wade produces this effect by his use of colour and in the definition of particular areas of the portrait, especially the pink around the eyes, the brown hair, and the gray-green of the hair. It is a dignified image of a mature artist in young age.

Sadly we know very little of the artist B.Wade, obviously a trained artist of great ability.