Born 1974
Study of Pink Lily and Peony

Oil on canvas, signed and titled on reverse
Image size: 12 x 16 inches (31 x 40 1/2 cm)


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This contemporary realist artwork by Jeremy Andrews demonstrates an impression of a delicate bouquet of flowers. The artist captures a rare, fleeting moment of beauty in this composition, addressing the ephemerality of natural subject matter. This conveys a captivating sense of sentimentality, giving the scene a fascinating tangibility and increasing the palpable quality of the already realistically rendered study. Contrasted against an isolated dark backdrop, the artist uses this juxtaposition of lighting to emphasise the exquisite glamour and vital aura of the flowers by drawing attention to the subtleties in the fragile petal structures.

Jeremy Andrews

Jeremy Andrews has been an artist for over twenty years, exhibiting in London and galleries around the UK. His art is held in various collections around the world and he works from his studio in Powys, Wales.

Andrews works in oils and uses traditional techniques such as under painting and glazes to create startling illusions of reality. He works meticulously to recreate what he sees, observing the finest details and subtleties in light and form.