1915 - 1993
The Meadow

Oil on board
Image size: 8 1/2 x 6 inches (21.5 x 15 cm)
Contemporary hand made float frame

We have a considerable collection of Benham’s landscape works.
Please get in contact if you would like to view these.

Here we are presented with a wide expanse of grass and flowers as we look down over a meadow. Benham guides the viewer’s gaze over the high-growing grasses depicting numerous things to intrigue the senses. The grass retains the light and warmth of the summer day and evokes the fresh smell of a meadow landscape.With flickering brushstrokes in the foreground, Benham makes the blades of grass tangible for the viewer and further adds to the layered depth of the scene.

The legacy of the 19th century pioneering Impressionists can be clearly identified here – as seen in the deep purples on the shadows, the space of this painting has been used as an experiment in colour harmony while also remaining naturalistic to nature.

Benham was a painter, printmaker and teacher, born in London. He studied at Hornsey School of Art. His teachers included John Moody, Robert Lyon and Russell Reeve. Benham became a member of NEAC in 1972 and the RBA in 1977. He also exhibited work at the RA, RP, in the provinces and abroad.

Later in life he taught at Epsom School of Art, lived in Cheam, Surrey, and died in 1993 after a stroke.

Most of Benham’s works were unsigned.