Born 1974
The Road to Somewhere

Oil on canvas, signed
Image size: 12 x 9 inches (30.5 x 23 cm)

Jeremy Andrews works in oils and uses traditional techniques such as under painting and glazes to create startling illusions of flesh and body mass.

He works meticulously to recreate what he sees, observing the finest details and subtleties in light and form.

Over and above the technical skill evident in Andrews portraits, there is a more philosophical concept at the heart of the work. Andrews explores the notion of self image and how we see ourselves and, of course, how others perceive us, suggesting the voyeuristic nature of our culture.

What is interesting about Andrews’ portraits is that there is no idealisation of the subject, no room for interpretation; the portrait can be seen as confrontational but also as an intimate study of the person.In his latest works, Andrews is exploring the concept of the portrait from person to animal.

He lived and worked on a farm for four years and saw the subject matter as a natural progression, imbuing these animal portraits with the same observations and emotions as he does his other works, seeing sadness and beauty in the still lives in front of him.