1903 - 1991
Toledo Massacre

Wax crayon on board, signed lower left
Image size: 30 x 42 inches (76.25 x 106.5 cm)
Silver gilt hand carved frame

Toledo Massacre is the only boxing scene by Rabin to record a particular match – the world heavyweight title fight between Jack Dempsey and Jess Willard at Toledo, USA, in 1919.

Boxer Jack Dempsey faced the 6-foot 7-inch, 240 pound, defending champion Jess Willard. The much smaller 24-year-old challenger toppled Willard seven times in the first round and went on to capture the world title. It has now become known as the most brutal first round of any boxing match in the history of professional boxing. Just thirty seconds in Dempsey landed a huge left which broke Willard’s jaw in over a dozen places. Willard also suffered a broken cheek bone, broken ribs and permanent hearing loss. Dempsey went on to hold the title of champion for the next six years.