18th Century
View of a Country House and Estate

Watercolour & gouache
Image size: 25 ½ x 39 inches (65 x 99 cm)
Hand made gilt frame

This is not only a very beautiful work of art but also a very important historical document of the estate. This painting is part of a great tradition of views of country houses in Britain, which would become celebrated in the work of artists such as Jan Sibrechts, Leonard Knyff and Jan Griffer. British aristocrats admired such classically inspired landscapes because of their associations with the Roman texts which formed part of their education.

Most of these works date to the end of the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries and are by sophisticated foreign artists who visited England seeking aristocratic patronage. What makes the present picture of particular interest is the various gardeners and characters in the grounds. A horse drawn carriage has just raced over the bridge heading for the house.

The possible owners of the house could be the naval gentleman walking with a lady in the centre. We can see he has a blue sash and gold epaulettes, so most likely an admiral. 

We are currently researching the picture to discover which house it depicts.