13th - 25th December 2021

David Roberts – Egypt and The Holy Land

Darnley Fine Art is proud to host an exhibition of works by David Roberts. Roberts gained his international renown as a landscape painter through works inspired by his many travels in Europe and the Middle East. Arguably, no painter did more to popularise ancient Egypt in the Victorian era than David Roberts. Indeed, Roberts was extremely pleased with his Holy Land and Egypt portfolios and realised that they would establish his reputation. He soon had more orders for paintings than he could produce, partly owing to the popular appeal of the biblical subjects. To match this demand, Roberts recreated his paintings for publication in the form of lithographs. Their publication set off a wave of interest in Egypt that would spur tourism for decades. 


The publication of ‘Egypt and the Holy Land’ contained 250 lithograph plates. Here at Darnley Fine Art we hold a comprehensive selection of these lithographs, both in the Subscription and First Edition. This exhibition aims to celebrates this collection, displaying a breadth of works from all six volumes.

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